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Outdoor activities, mangrove kayaking, jungle trekking, coral snorkeling, fun diving at Iriomote Island.


Pinaisara falls – mangrove kayaking & jungle trekking

Iriomote Island tour guide most recommended waterfall! By canoeing and trekking, we go to top of the Pinaisara falls, the highest vertical drop of waterfall in Okinawa. 


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ponit 1 A tour guide only has 7 guests, no need to be afraid to miss your tour guide.

Ponit 2 First times is OK, children can also participate! Our guests who come to participate are almost the first time!

Ponit 3 Don’t worry about Japanese. The tour guide will speak a little English! Our tour guide has a lot of experience. Our guest comes from all over the world.

Pinaisara falls & Baras Island – kayaking & snorkeling tour

Go to the basin of Pinaisara waterfall with mangrove canoe and jungle trek!
After a lot of playing and healing at the Pinaisara waterfall, we will move to the amazing coral island – ”Baras island” .


Rating: 3 out of 5.
Pinaisara falls & Baras Island tour
Pinaisara falls & Baras Island tour
Pinaisara falls

Day cruise – snorkeling tour

Cabin, shower, toilet complete! Let’s go snorkeling on the stage of coral reef, rich blue sea and deep blue sky of Iriomote Island by catamaran yacht!


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Iriomote snorkeling tour
Iriomote snorkeling tour
Iriomote snorkeling tour

A boat with a maximum of 10 people Don’t feel crowded at all. And no need to worry about have enough time to have fun. Enjoy a luxurious day!

Not afraid of seasickness The only one large catamaran yacht on Iriomote Island. It is stable and comfortable. Don’t be afraid of seasickness at all. Family travel with children can be safe and enjoyable.

Cabin, shower, toilet complete Both inside and outside the yacht are comfortable and spacious. Welcome the day trip from Ishigaki Island!

Sunset party

After experiencing various activities during the day.
Why not to enjoy this unusual moment with family or friends.
You can see the beautiful sunset and have a glass of red wine. Taste the delicious food to heal yourself!

Snorkeling by yacht

・Comfortable indoor sofa living room, bathroom, toilet.

・Different from the past, playing outdoor activities can be comfortable and elegant.

・Both inside and outside the boat are comfortable and spacious, the family travel with children can also be safe and enjoyable.

・High stability of the yacht. No need to worry about seasickness and sunburn


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