DAY CRUISE- snorkeling tour

Yacht snorkeling
Iriomote Island yacht snorkeling


Adult 13000yen Child 10000yen

Let’s go snorkeling on the stage of coral reef, rich blue sea and deep blue sky of Iriomote Island!

Cabin, shower, toilet complete! Iriomote island snorkeling tour by catamaran yacht.

Snorkel at a point that is shallow and flowless and safe, beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish will come to greet you.

After snorkeling, change to a small rubber boat,
Land & explore the unmanned beach!

A boat with a maximum of 10 people. Don’t feel crowded at all. And no need to worry about have enough time to play or not. Enjoy a luxurious day!

Not afraid of seasickness The only large catamaran yacht on Iriomote Island. It is stable and comfortable. Don’t be afraid of seasickness at all. Family travel with children can also be safe and enjoyable.

Cabin, shower, toilet complete Both inside and outside the yacht are comfortable and spacious, with a small number of people, no need to worry about finding a place to rest.


Day trip of customers from Ishigaki  】
08:30 Take ferry from Ishigaki port to Uehara port.  
09:15 We will pick you up at Uehara port.
【 Guests stay in Iriomote Island 】
09:30 We will pick you up at your hotel. (No pick-up service in some areas)
09:50 Arrive at the departure port.
9:50~10:30 Sailing to the snorkeling spot 10:30~12:00 Start to snorkeling 12:00~13:00 Have lunch & take a break
13:00~14:00 To the next snorkeling spot
14:00~15:00 Snorkeling or diving (option tour for reservation only)
15:30 sailing~ back to departure port Send you back to your hotel or Uehara port.

【Time summary】
①From departure port to snorkeling point:45mins
③Lunch time: 60mins
④ Take a rubber boat to explore the secret beach :45mins
⑤ Second snorkeling point for snorkeling:60mins
⑥Tea time or take a break:30mins
⑦ Sailing~ back to departure port :45mins

Wear swimsuit inside. Sandals is more convenient than shoes.
【 Recommended to bring 】
・ sunglass, sun screen lotion, hat
・ long-sleeved jacket (sunburn)
・ waterproof camera, replaceable clothing

・ Lunch
・ Water,Coffee,Tea
・Snorkeling mask and fins, life jacket, towels


※ experience diving equipment rental fee are all included in the price. ※ FUN diving equipment rental fee is as follows.

Full rental 6,000 yen / BC + regulator 4,000 yen / Wet suit 2,000 yen

  • Day cruise+ experience 1 dive adult  20,000 yen /children  17,000 yen
  • Day cruise+ experience 2 dives adult  25,000 yen /children  22,000 yen
  • Day cruise+ FUN1 dive adult  16,000 yen
  • Day cruise+ FUN2 dive adult  17,000 yen

※ Private charter cruise 90000yen (include lunch and snorkeling equipment ) Reservation only.