(Except Tuesday and Wednesday)

Charter 35000yen (for 2 adult)

Give yourself a reward for working hard every day~! ★This event offers delicious meals from popular restaurant “Bari no gohanya” in Iriomote Island and drinks, alcohol (beer. red wine, white wine, champagne), etc.

After experiencing various activities during the day.
Why not to enjoy this unusual moment with family or friends.
You can see the beautiful sunset and have a glass of red wine. Or taste the delicious food to heal yourself!

Looking at the beautiful sunset, thinking back to all the interesting things happening today. If you are busy in the city every day and you forget to take a break, don’t imitate this opportunity and reward yourself!


17:30 Pick you up at Uehara port or accommodation.
18:00 Shirahama port departure, sunset party start~!
19:30 Back to Shirahama port.
20:00 Send you back to Uehara Port
※ The departure time will according to the sunset time of each season.

It’s time to leave everything behind.

Enjoy the luxury day!